Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Brad Davis

Brad Davis


  I was lucky enough to be born and raised in central Illinois and introduced to hunting at a very young age. Most of my family upland hunted or waterfowl hunted, but when my dad introduced me to trapping at 14 my thoughts changed to figuring out how animals traveled and moved about in their daily routine. Then in 1978 I harvested my first deer with a gun and the addiction began. I put down the gun in 1986 and turned all my efforts to bow hunting after realizing I was harvesting bucks at short distance with a gun that could have been harvested with a bow.  Since that time I have harvested 30 P&Y bucks with 26 grossing over 140”s, with the largest being a non-typical that scored 220 6/8”s. The addiction is still fueled by what I seem to learn year after year watching and scouting the older mature bucks. They just never cease to amaze me at how resourceful they are at surviving season after season with all of today’s hunting pressure.



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