Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis


 I am a 33 year old whitetail addict that has a love for hunting slob bucks, it is the only hobby/lifestyle I have anymore. I have been hunting deer since I was 9 years old, and took my first deer with a bow at 16. Bowhunting my home state of Georgia became tough after my first trip to the mid-west in 2005. I took a 151" P&Y from Ohio, and started hunting several states each year eventually leading me to begin filming my hunts. I do have a family, so my scouting trips, shed hunting trips and actually putting time in the stand each year have become increasingly more difficult. I've taken one net booner and 6 P&Y bucks with my bow now. Every year I "wise up" to hunting these giant whitetails, when you self-film all your hunts you live and die by your mistakes. I am ecstatic to be a part of the Whitetail Wrecking crew, September can't get here quick enough!





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