Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Justin Hollandsworth

Justin Hollandsworth


  My grandfather gave me my start in deer hunting when I was around seven years old.  Since then I have always been fascinated with whitetails and that fascination only grows each year. The bow is my weapon of choice and just would not have it any other way. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to hunt states like Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.  Most of my hunting has been self-taught but I have been lucky enough have two good friends Andrae D'Aquisto and Steve Pinkston share their knowledge along the way which has been a big help.   I try to raise that bar each year as far as caliber of buck.  In my home state I like to locate one or two individual bucks and learn everything I can about them, in hopes of getting a crack at one of them in the fall.  I can honestly say I enjoy the work that goes into trying to take a big old bruiser buck as much the actual hunt.  When I'm not feeding my whitetail addiction I enjoy doing crossfit and spending time with my wife Lori and five year old son Mason.






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