Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Cody D'Acquisto

Cody D'Acquisto


  I grew up surrounded by whitetail hunting. My old man designed, built, and sold some of the best treestands on the market, stands that specifically catered to the hard core whitetail addict. Dad was a bow hunter so naturally that’s what I wanted to do, and to this day I have never once picked up a gun. I shot my first buck when I was 15 years old and I’ve been addicted ever since. My best year hunting by far is a year in which I didn’t even harvest a buck. I spent close to a whole season chasing this cagy old buck and no matter what I did I was always one step behind him and couldn’t close the deal. I learned so much in that one season, and it has helped me tremendously along the way. I strive to hone my skills and learn more every single time I step in the woods, and the more I learn the more my addiction grows. Bow hunting whitetails is my life. It’s on my mind 365 days a year and always will be.





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