Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Mike Grenier

Mike Grenier


  Originally from Michigan, I have spent most of my life in central Ohio’s big buck country. I live with my wife Kendall in South Central Ohio. All of my free time is devoted toward feeding my passion for whitetail. I got introduced to hunting at a young age by my stepdad and cut my teeth on whitetails at age 15. Since then, the pursuit of whitetails has evolved from a hobby, to an obsession, and finally developed into a full blown addiction. My first archery buck, a 168” 10pt., was taken on video while self-filming. I've been a fan of catching my hunts on video ever since. After that first buck I’ve managed to take many more that score over 125”. I find it rewarding to harvest fully mature whitetail bucks in my home state of Ohio and out of state as well. I really enjoy all the behind the scenes work such as post season scouting and putting in food plots. Playing the game and getting it done on a mature buck is the ultimate feeling.






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