Whitetail Wrecking Crew member:


Steve Pinkston

Steve Pinkston


  I am a car dealer by trade but I’m truly addicted to big whitetails.  In 1984 I shot my first good buck with a bow that started the obsession. Over the years I have learned there are no shortcuts when it comes to big deer. It takes time, dedication and focus, it’s not a hobby.  In the early years holding out for a big one was another excuse to stay in the trees, when you punched your tag it was over.  He realized quickly that “it’s never over” The search for the next one is constant. I enjoy videotaping and photographing whitetails throughout the year, almost as much as hunting them! My passion for hunting has brought me to all parts of the continent, I have taken a wide variety of species including; moose, elk, mountain lion, bear, and more, but my true love is the whitetail deer. I have harvested numerous Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett whitetails, three of those bucks touched the 200 inch mark! I hunt pressured bucks and share the woods with other hunters. You have to have a “relentless work ethic” constant scouting keeps the focus on tracking specific bucks that I know about while at the same time I am always looking for a bigger buck to chase. Success comes from relentless year round scouting.   





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