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Troy Pottenger

Troy Pottenger


  My name is Troy Pottenger, I am a native Idahoan. Outside of my family, there is nothing that I love and want to do more than bowhunt mature whitetail bucks. My whitetail addiction runs strong, i log countless hours and hike hundreds of miles per year, scouting, shed hunting, running surveillance, glassing and patterning the mountain whitetails of my home state and neighboring states of Washington and Montana. In addition to my home area, I travel to Midwestern states to bowhunt big corn fed bucks. No matter where I hunt, I take great pride in deciphering the local herd dynamics and individual intricacies of each and every old buck I target. There is nothing like killing a big mature whitetail that you have built a history with, game planned for, and executed that plan. Smart and hard work does pay off and I have been fortunate to have killed many bucks over the age of 5 years old, ranging in that 140 class to 180 class. 







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