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Blemished 3 step Climbing Sticks

  • Climb With Confidence

    All of our XOP climbing sticks utilize a Patented Quarter turn locking mechanism that allows you to lock your sticks together for transport with no additional straps or tie-downs. Our climbing sticks not only pack great they feature longer arched steps and increased separation from the tree for additional boot clearance for an effortless climb.

    Looking for the best deal ever on XOP's 3 Step Locking Sticks?  These sticks are new product, safe and fully functional, However, they will have some stiff turning steps, as well as paint and hardware blemishes that are completely cosmetic

    *5 ft Cam attachment straps are included with all climbing sticks*

    Here at XOP, your safety is our main priority. All of our treestands and climbing sticks are ASTM certified and TMA approved for a 350lb weight rating. Scan the QR code below for a full link to Climbing Aid safety education.

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