Air Raid Heighten Combo

Air Raid Evolution

  • 100% Cast Aluminum Construction backed with XOP's LIFETIME METAL WARRANTY! The Air Raid Evolution is a complete redesign of our Standard Air Raid model featuring a new lighter platform design that offers an additional 4 inches of standing room. Equipped with our new slim I-Beam support. This hang-on is 2 lbs lighter than its predecessor making it the perfect choice for a mobile set, or hang and leave.

Long Locking Climbing Sticks - Set of 4

  • Utilize our patented quarter turn locking mechanism which allows you to lock your sticks together for transport with no additional straps or tie-downs. Our climbing sticks not only pack together great they also feature longer arched steps and increased standoff from the tree. The Long Locking 3 Step climbing sticks are very light weight and easy to set up. Perfect for making semi-permanent sets easier to hang or to gain extra height in your mobile set ups. 


Climbing Stick Transport Brackets

  • Climbing Stick Transport Brackets are designed to be used in conjunction with our patented locking climbing sticks. Mount your sticks to your treestand in seconds with no straps needed! Brackets are also side mount capable giving you a hassle-free way to hold your sticks on your way up the tree to set your stand.

    To be used only with the Locking Climbing sticks. They are not to be used with the new Ultra Series Sticks. (Single Rotating and Double Sticks).

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