Mossy Oak® Climbing Stick - Single, 1-pack

Mossy Oak® Climbing Stick - Single, 1-pack

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Item Description:

Weight Rating: 350 pounds
•Patented arch step technology
•Heat treated steel fast strap buttons
•Deep stand-off bracket offers more space between your boot and the tree
•Patented Lock tight stick stacking system - NO STRAP NEEDED!
•Sticks stack and attach neatly to all hang-ons for ultimate portability


Product Dimensions: 34” Length of each stick
Weight: 3.2 lbs per stick


“I am proud to have been the first to design and invent a new class of hunting products for the treestand user back in 1998 – “the individual climbing stick.” This product has been widely used and accepted by many in the hunting industry. After 15 years of personally field testing these climbing sticks, I am excited to announce some substantial improvements to this class of product.” - Andrae D’Acquisto