About Us

Xtreme Outdoor Products

Here at XOP, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality and highest functioning treestands and hunting products on the market. To do this we teamed up with Andrae D’Acquisto, founder of Lone Wolf Hunting Products and the sole creator of the cast aluminum treestand. Through this partnership with Andrae and his son, Cody, Xtreme Outdoor Products was created. By constantly evolving and incorporating new designs and ideas, XOP has taken the industry by storm and is now the leader in cast aluminum tree stand technology.

XOP hang-on tree stands utilize a lighter platform design and patented sound deadening cast aluminum l-beam center. This makes our hang-ons not only stronger and lighter than the competition, but our l-beam eliminates all possible resonation of sound and makes our stand DEAD silent! Equipped with fully leveling seat and platform, a six-point bracket for ultimate off-set capability, indestructible heat-treated steel fast strap buttons for effortless hanging, and the strongest stand fastening belt on the market.

“I have spent over 30 years bow hunting for trophy whitetail. In the off-season I designed and perfected tools to aid in getting that job done. I am excited to assist XOP in developing the safest, quietest, most user-friendly treestands and climbing sticks in the industry. This new XOP series has my personal stamp of approval.”

--Andrae D’Acquisto The original designer of cast aluminum treestand technology, est. 1984.