For those who stalk and hunt in the open plains, majestic mountains, dark forests and river bottom swamps; XOP is committed to creating quality and affordable equipment. We understand you want to pave your own way, harvest your own food, and find freedom in the great outdoors. We are here for you; all a part of the hunting brotherhood and for those who have joined the XOP family. We thank you for your support and we will continue to support you. If there is ever anything you need just reach out and ask.


Team XOP

Meet the Team


Raised in a Detroit suburb, Richard Walker had very little experience hunting deer while growing up, but there were moments when he had to hunt down his stolen car in the back alleys of Detroit.  The last nine years have been a wild ride and enlightening experience in the hunting world. He is looking forward to where XOP will be in the next nine years and to seeing his two kids graduate from college.


Randy is a Wisconsin grown farm boy turned engineering guru, who has spent the past 30+years hunting the woods and farmlands of Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri.  When he’s not designing something new or hunting, he most likely can be found in the workshop pulling something apart or putting it back together.  Hobbies include off-roading, gunsmithing, mechanics and having fun………


Brock is an outdoor enthusiast who has spent the last two decades climbing all of the major big mountain routes in North America. When he’s not dangling off cliffs or pursuing his new found passion for deer hunting, he can be found working at XOP as their Marketing Director and Lead Product Designer.


Byron is based out of Ohio and runs epic missions year around in order to find big public land whitetails. You will almost always find him out in the woods looking for the latest whitetail sign. Byron has a great talent for videography, photography and running our social media platforms.


Born and raised in Minnesota and now residing in SW Wisconsin, Tom is a simple guy with many, many ideas, just ask Richard. Those ideas are what gave Tom the opportunity to make up his own position and title even. Tom is all about the community and connecting with as many folks as possible about the magical sport of archery and bowhunting. Whether it's setting up a Team XOP hunting event or shooting bow outside the HQ, Tom is always looking to help other learn, grow, and become better at their craft.  


Sara grew up in southern Wisconsin on a small dairy farm, and moved to Iowa in 2015.  She enjoys spending her free time entertaining family and friends, riding her UTV in the north woods, bowling, reading and baking goodies in the kitchen.  Sara’s key role at XOP is ordering all the products and materials directly from the manufacturer, and keeping a watchful eye on inbound deliveries.


Hannah is a farm girl from Iowa. Enjoys anything outdoors from horses to hunting and spending time with her family.  She can be found at XOP picking up the slack from the boys!

Jim & Irma

Jim and Irma Hefel have been stalwarts of the XOP program since the beginning.  These spry 80 year olds run circles around their son Dan and the rest of the warehouse.  Their favorite past time is heading to Loughlin, Nevada and watching Irma win big at slots and Jim lose big at poker.  We are hopeful Irma never wins too big, we don’t want to lose her and Jim!  You can rest assured that your XOP orders will be packed with care and detail by this husband-wife team!


Julie loves family, friends and traveling. Don’t let Julie’s title as accounting manager for XOP fool you – she loves adventure! She was able check skydiving from her bucket list recently – and if given the chance, she’d do it again!


Mr. Engelken is vastly underpaid but makes up for this with his wagers around the office. It has been said that Mr. Engelken picks up an extra 100k per year in small office bets. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he is a shark. Mr. Engelken is often found lurking in dark office corners with his golf clubs, waiting for the next sucker to challenge his epic golf skills. Mr.Engelken once took the entire office with a hole in one challenge. It is rumored that he net $50,000 in cash that day and walked away flipping his hair and calling his coworkers suckers.


To say Dan rides snowmobiles is a vast understatement. When he’s not out tearing up the front range in Colorado or pulling off Gator Haters deep in the backcountry, he can be found working at XOP as their Warehouse Manager. His claim to fame is a gnarly near-death accident in which he single-handedly saved 10 people from an avalanche in the late 1980’s.


Lisa is a mother of 5 who has spent the last two decades reading books and making crafts. When she’s not knee deep in glitter or making her next monster themed purse, she can be found working at XOP as their Order Fulfilment Specialist.


Janet is XOP’s warehouse manager.  A home grown farm girl from rural Iowa, she’s killed more coyote and deer then most will ever see.  Janet is tough as nails and still throws 100# feed bags with one hand.  When Janet is not at work in the XOP warehouse, she’s enjoying time out in nature with the grandkids.

Her claim to fame is a 195 5/8 buck she help her 6-year-old grandson tag.


Dave Welsh, a NE Iowa farm/city boy, Marine vet, spent 30 years in the publishing industry and other pursuits before landing at XOP.  Dave loves to spend time at his SW Wisconsin property where he can target shoot, fish, hunt, and yes even tame noisy, smelly varmints he finds on his property.