We are TAGNBRAG!  Our passion for hunting and filming has allowed us to share our outdoor journey and lifestyle with the world.  Our mission is to document our adventures and inspire others to chase their ambitions, their dreams, or whatever makes them tick.  We document everything we do in our outdoor lifestyle, creating a forever engaging and never ending story.  The chase is what fuels us and our favorite hunting scenario is throwing an XOP on our backs and going to hang and hunt together.  There is something about going into uncharted territory, hanging a stand, and putting yourself in the middle of deer right off the rip.  As a hunter, that provides the confidence that you can do just about anything.  But documenting that whole process and being able to show people that journey is why we do what we do.  We always say, we are blessed to have the opportunity to go on the hunts that we have and kill big deer in the process, but being able to bring people along that same journey is the true trophy to us.  Because now we have allowed people to feel the same feelings we have when we are in the moment.  The feelings that have created our extreme passion for bowhunting and have created so much value in our lives.  We want to spread that love to anyone willing to watch our content and come along that journey with us.  If that inspires one more person to pick up a bow and go hunting, well than, we have done our job.  👊👊