H.F.A.S. (Single)
H.F.A.S. (Single)
H.F.A.S. (Single)

H.F.A.S. (Single)

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Lightweight climbing stick attachment method

Specifically designed for Climbing Sticks, the H.F.A.S. (Hang Free Attachment System) offers unparalleled performance. With a simple wrap around the tree, it provides exceptional stability, and doubling it around the tree enhances its effectiveness even further. Once secured, it stays firmly in place without slipping, loosening, or stretching until you decide to remove it. The H.F.A.S. stands out as the premier attachment method for Climbing Sticks. Its lightweight construction, robust strength, high safety standards, and effortless one-handed adjustment make for an exceptional climbing experience. Not only is it the most user-friendly attachment method available, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design, making it a standout product in the market. Available in Halloween colorway, the H.F.A.S. is the ultimate choice for hunters looking to lighten their load.

• Weight: 1.8oz
• Material: Amsteel
• Length: 8ft

• Prusik for secure attachment
• Prusik tender for easy adjustment
• Amsteel construction for a strong and stable connection

.• 1 H.F.A.S. strap



I purchased this stand as I was looking for a small, but not too small, lightweight option for those hunts where I walk farther to my stand location. This stand will live up to that billing. The stand comes in right at 10.5 lbs and matches all other size specifications in the description.

One feature I love is the raised “bumps” on the platform where you stand. These are not really noticeable, but definitely increase your traction/grip on the stand. You don’t have to worry about your feet sliding around.

If you’re looking for a lightweight stand to pack in on those run and gun hunts, this stand should be a great addition to your repertoire.


This is the best lock-on on the market right now in my opinion. Lightweight, minimalist, strong as all get out and blends in well. Platform is sized well and the seat is comfortable. Easy to hang

ADK Outdoors

I honestly don't know if there is a more solid stick on the market! It's like standing on solid ground. The tree brackets provide plenty of foot room and make me feel pretty comfortable when hanging a stand or the next stick. At this price, i'll probably buy another set! Best value on the market